Crypto Veteran Sets a new dev standard in Crypto

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  • April 25, 2024


Crypto Veteran Sets a new dev standard in Crypto

United States, 25th Apr 2024, King NewsWire - An earnest visionary in the crypto space, the iconic developer who stood up to Bank of America with his "Fuck The Bank" (FTB) token last year, was just fired from his software engineering position at the Bank of America mere days ago. Known for their unyielding integrity and controversial approach, the developer's termination lead to the creation of $BASED or "DevBasedSolana" on X. He vows this venture will redefine transparency and trust in the crypto space, fully doxxing to livestream 24/7 as the BASED dev who will stay and engage the entire community face to face.

Crypto Veteran Sets a new dev standard in Crypto

Unwavering Integrity: 

This crypto legend still holds all the FTB tokens, a testament to their steadfast commitment to never profiting at the expense of the community. "My principles are not for sale", the developer declared, reinforcing their role as a stalwart guardian of investor trust and community values. 

Introducing DevBasedSolana: 

In an industry-first initiative, DevBasedSolana will feature 24/7 live streaming by the developer, offering an unprecedented window into the daily workings and development processes of the token. "We're not just creating another cryptocurrency; we're setting a new standard for transparency that will be the benchmark for years to come," the developer stated, highlighting their role as a trailblazer in the crypto community.

Legendary Commitment to Community: 

The developer continues their revolutionary approach by neither selling nor profiting from any tokens they create. Instead, these tokens are either burned or gifted to the community. A Dev Donation Wallet has also been established to foster mutual support and prosperity within the community. 

The wallet address is:  7zY3GQLPaiPmrvdCen2Eo58iD8bM2wXRzJmRtZfq56HF.

A Call to Action for Believers in Transparency: 

"Join the revolution. Follow our progress LIVE and become part of a movement that values leadership transparency above all," the developer urged the community. Interested parties are encouraged to stay connected via @DevBasedSolana on Twitter and join the Telegram group @DevBasedASF for real-time updates and insights.

About DevBasedSolana: 

Spearheaded by a figure who has become synonymous with integrity and institutional controversy, DevBasedSolana is not just a token but a movement. This community stands as a beacon of trust and transparency, leading the charge toward a more accountable and open cryptocurrency landscape.

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